Everyday Bias

We’re marrying art and science to explore the biases that shape everyday life.


In Fall 2016, we hosted the art and science exhibition that started it all.

It’s Only Human: Exploring the Biases that Shape Our World” paired research with mixed media arts, technology, and interactive exercises — as well as plenty of food, drinks, and music — to create an immersive environment for people to explore the many ways our brains filter and shape reality.

Given the show was the inspiration for The Plenary’s model, it seems only fitting that our first official Plenary be focused on everyday bias (and what we can do about it).

We’re bringing together experts, artists, and practitioners — both new and old — to refine the design and craft an event that scales.


Upcoming campaign

I Am A Scientist

The "I Am A Scientist" campaign collects stories from scientists of all backgrounds, personalities, pathways, and interests to share with the next generation of students.

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