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When we realized how many people out there shared our vision for a more compassionate and curious world, we knew we had to do something. By joining The Plenary, you’ll have access to everything we know — our frameworks, tools, and resources — so that you can make a difference in your community. You’ll also have access to a community and motivational content that inspires you to keep going. Not to mention the perks. There will be perks.


We’re building a community of individuals committed to informed, open, and cooperative communities.

Most people we talk to agree on the problem. We don’t want our society to be polarized, misinformed, or competitive. We want to make a difference, but so often we don’t know where to start. That’s where The Plenary comes in.

We’ll give members access to resources that provide the skills and inspiration you need to make an impact in your community. And just for fun, we’ll give you access and discounts on exclusive merchandise and artist collaborations. and monthly newsletters

You’ll never have to wonder “where to start” again.